Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Melissa Watkins

Hi my name is Melissa Watkins (Nickname: Missy)

I have been brought up in the sunny Bay Of Plenty, in a town called Whakatane. This is were i go when i am not living in dunedin. I have now been down in dunedin for 3 years and living at 104A Forth St this year with 4 other girls.

The one thing i enjoy doing is playing hockey and have been playing that for 12 years. I also enjoy all types of sports and socialising with friends and having a good time.

What interested me to do massage, is that i enjoy sports and i would also love to do sports massage when i graduate.


  1. Hi Missy, I just love Whakatane. The weather is so great. I especially the the wee beach near Ohope. I always try to get over there to collect cats eyes. I know a bit strange aye!

  2. Assessment task 2 completed - well done! I am impressed with the student capability in blogness!
    I notice your name is now on your title page and we still are having issues about loading same into your url..sarah and Kris have sorted this!